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Peter Felton was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. A proud native of the City By The Bay, Felton's lifelong interest in San Francisco Bay Area public transportation was documented in his five-star first book, DAILY PUBLIC TRANSIT RIDERSHIP: THE INSIDE SCOOP (2012)--outlining contemporary (1970s-early 2010s) upgrades, milestones, routes, and the overall aura of the San Francisco Muni public transit system. Felton's five-star second book, TOMMY WROUGHT: A MUSICAL REFLECTION OF CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS (2015), provides readers of all descriptions with extensive comparative analyses between the outlooks of special-case children of today and yesterday--signified by the in-depth music of The Who's Rock Opera, Tommy. Bearing a deep interest in music of all genres, Felton's musicological explorations began at age ten upon discovering the glory, wonder, and depth of the music of the 1960s thanks to public television, the radio, local record stores, and most of all, his upbringing. Eternally furthering Felton’s creative horizons as an adolescent, young adult, and working professional, music continually provides Felton with increased inspiration for using the resource as a regular teaching tool in his academic career working with a wide variety of students and disciplines. Upon earning his BA in Liberal Studies-Teacher Education in 2008, Felton put the pedal to the metal in his teaching career immediately the following Fall. Since then, Felton's professional claim-to-fames as a determined, enlightened educator have included accomplished instruction in the following fields: United States & World History and Geography (Grades K-10), Physical Education (Grades K-8), Civics & Economics (12th Grade), Music & Movement (Grades K-8), Choreography & Interpretive Dance (experimentally pioneered in college, routinely integrated into different subjects in Grade K-8 general education since), and Tutoring (Grades K-12, general ed. subjects). His third and most recent book, SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT: WELL-ROUNDED EDUCATION IN THE LANDS OF OPPORTUNITIES, was published on September 10, 2018. When not teaching or writing books, Felton enjoys photography, taking walks, going to his local public library and exploring its wondrous growing catalog, riding public transportation, surfing the web, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Although you may not sense it at first, penning personal statements for admission to college, graduate school, and even independent private and parochial high schools serves as excellent practice for concocting cover letters for jobs leading to future professions down the line.

After tackling the technical aspects of scholastic applications, the time has come for you to reveal everything wonderful that you yourself have to offer in terms of academic accomplishments (ranging from achieving the highest standardized test scores and Grade Point Average of all time–as featured front-and-center in the latest edition of the Guinness Book of World Records; to serving as a junior politician on your school’s student council and advising your peers and school administrators on how your academic institution can become an even more well-oiled machine; to serving hundreds of hours of community service to show that you represent your neighborhood better than any local standing politician; to your impressive streak of perfect attendance since the night you camped out in front of your preschool waiting for Opening Day of the new school year to commence, on an annual basis…) when going on safari in your endless school hunt.

Years later, as you prepare to wind down your college career, it is time for you to begin seriously thinking about expanding your professional horizons to experiencing the world of full-time work firsthand.  But while filling out the parts of job applications requiring nothing more than your contact information, and brief descriptions of your previous jobs held in a resume-like format–albeit with much less room to handwrite everything you brought forth in the employment of your recent past (whether part-time, full-time, or strictly on-call in financial terms and hourly status) can be fulfilled effortlessly after a point, tidying up the introductory portion of your self-proclamation of professionalism from all different angles can prove taxing (even outside of the processing fee) beyond many measures.

Fortunately, as society becomes more heavily invested in online networking and social media to boot, crafting your own style of self-promotion for the world of employment through writing has never been easier thanks to opportunities available online for everyday practice mastering the pastime!  This fantastic feature of online self-promotion on both the social and business fronts appears in the form of the growing LinkedIn online community of working professionals!  As you go about building and thoroughly polishing your resume for prospective employers to drool all over, the world of the Internet has your back at all times throughout the anxiety-provoking process thanks to the aforementioned network that allows you to present yourself photographically and literarily in a professional medium within an open folder just one click away!

But here is the advantage that LinkedIn owns over basic paper (and in some cases, electronic-) job applications when it comes to practicing for proper preparation of professional prestige on paper—in addition to assisting you, the applicant, with perfecting your upcoming cover letter essentially restating every bullet point benchmark noted on your more linear resume: the highly recommended option of complete-sentence written descriptions of each and every professional pillar of your work history beneath their basic title within their corresponding column!  Although character count is limited (for more information on how to handle this frequent tedium in all different types of writing, feel free to consult my author blog post, “Make Every Word Count With Word Count; Limit Your Characters Without Limiting Your Character”, published here at Serious Reading) to one page in total length for the sake of succinct solidity, this hidden tactic actually serves as a blessing in disguise in terms of preparing you for how to shorten your sentence structure and accompanying descriptions of each and every job highlight to be included on your growing resume, summarized in brief on your ensuing cover letter(s).

Similar to the content of my author blog post, “Write Like You Talk And Talk Like You Write” (published here at Serious Reading), when concocting your cover letter for a prospective job of interest on your part, it is a good idea to envision your written introduction as a preview for any prospective job interviews you may be so fortunate to get offered upon submitting your cover letter and resume for consideration as a candidate for the corresponding means of employment.  Your cover letters for each and every job that you apply for essentially restate your resume in a nutshell in complete-sentence paragraph format reminiscent of the bullet points of succinct, relevant information present on your attached resume.  Therefore, when penning them each piece by piece, if you can envision yourself articulating similar information in rhythmic detail during your in-person interviews to/with your hopeful employer, then the cover letters can convey similar professional proclamations on paper that you would otherwise deliver orally—albeit with polished writing mechanics from top to bottom!

When the big moment arrives for you to meet and converse with your professional job interviewer, you can theoretically “memorize the script” present throughout your self-penned cover letter to help guide you internally throughout the interview process itself.  And if you are good enough for your word up front literarily and vocally, that dream job just may be yours!  From that point on, you will be perfectly content professionally, and your writing skills will have grown considerably to the point where you no longer fear the obstacle of putting pen to paper and constructing an effective cover letter (complete with a convincing resume) stating your professional background and vision in smooth flowing fashion!

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