A Bridge To A Hopeful 2019

My name is Patricia, but I use a pseudonym for my writing, which is why the cover of the book has Columbia Valentine Scot. Columbia was my nonna (grandma) in English and you will get to meet her in my book. Valentine stands for love, and Scot came from my baby brother Scott whom I helped raise. Thus, out of the bond I hold with each of them, a new meaningful name was born. I have had many poems and short stories published under that name, and it feels like a comforting friend. My new Children's paperback, and kindle version, titled: “Windy and Raine's First day," is the first installment of a Trilogy, "Windy and Raine Learn to Fly" is now complete and "Windy and Raine's Exciting Adventure," should be out by February. I know it's a big departure from my Spiritual books, which I will continue to write, but I want to have an impact on these little people, that will be our bigger people of the future. "Poems, Stories and Prayers of the Heart" had come before my sequel, to" Layers of the Heart," which I promise is in the works, it is Titled: "Layers of the Heart the Journey Continues," because of an unexpected family Tragedy, I am still living in the beautiful Catskill mountain region, in upstate New York, easily inspired by my surroundings, change of seasons, and the many different animals that share my ten acres, that surround my little white cottage. It's like a fairytale everyday. I have been writing since age nine and won a contest at the age of ten in a local paper, and never turned back. People are my inspiration. I love the undeniable similarities and the wonderful differences between us, it is from this point of view, that Layers of the Heart was born. I truly hope you enjoy your journey, this has been a true labor of love, and I hope you are equally encouraged by my title " Poems Stories and Prayers of the Heart" which is written to be read by whatever emotion you might need in the hour, you will understand more clearly when you look at the Phase page. You can, and people have read it from front to back, but it was deliberately designed to give us what we need for the day. God Bless

The Bridge to a Hopeful 2019
Columbia Valentine Scot

Life is all about choices. Some give us an instant answer, leading to immediate gratification, while others plant seeds. There are those we intentionally plant, and others reveal themselves later, that perhaps were put in our path by something we saw in passing, or heard and thought nothing at the time, only to remember later how significant those instances were.

I believe that most people want to do the right thing. They want to put others first, make someone smile rather than cry, to make what they’re doing cause a positive difference in the world. Basically, spread goodwill and not fear.

However, sometimes people are in it for themselves, sometimes it’s obvious at other times not so much. People who have the “gift of gab,” as my grandma would say, have the choice to use it to share their knowledge to help others, or sweet talk you into using your money to make them rich; choices.

When an Architect builds a bridge there are a lot of factors that play into it, major factors that must be thought of before the design even begins: Wind, how strong to prevent swaying and cause accidents? Heat: how hot before it will expand the road and how wide will it get? Traffic: How much weight can it hold daily? These are just basic questions asked whether the bridge is big or small.

I believe at the end of each year we as individuals assess and reflect on our bridges. First, as the “I” and “me,” and then as the “we” and “us,” because everyone of us, are each of those., and play a key part in the outcome of all the years to come.

As a single person we are neighbors, friends, bosses, and family, as a “We”, society, cultures, women, men, democrats, republicans, independents, you get the point.
In turn, it’s all of us evaluating the country, financially, spiritually, globally and as humanitarians.

I believe its most people’s goal to leave that bridge to come in the year ahead, a little better then the year behind, I think we all prefer to annually have minor repairs, then complete over-hauls and tare downs.

If each one of us as an “I” tries to keep their bridge up to date, then the “We” already accomplishes that as well; why? Because “I” and “We” are one and the same. That’s the reason one person can truly make a difference.

If we all look forward to 2019 wanting to improve ourselves as people by putting others first, listening, learning to compromise, doing things just because we can, not wanting anything in return. The example we are setting for our children, the worlds future, is one of hope.

If someone at a cash register is unpleasant, we don’t know why, so we should treat them with cheerfulness and a smile, and one day they might just smile back, because you renewed their hope in people, before you know it, one person at a time, can make for more smiles on the sidewalks.

So, our bridge repairs for the upcoming year, are more maintenance, than a remodel; and the year coming in looks brighter than the one going out.

So, from my home to yours, may God bless your families, hearts, and our beautiful Country. Happy, Healthy New Year

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