More Than a Carpenter!

Faye Jones Howard has been described by those closest to her, as a poet extraordinaire; an incredible inspirational songwriter; a creative floral designer and a woman of God who ministers His dynamic WORD! She is all of that wrapped in a coat of laughter, a dash of fun, a sip of seriousness, a drop of charisma, and a taste of tenacity. Most of all she is living evidence of all that the Creator has called her to be.


God dreamed of our salvation

He never gave up on us

He left His splendor in glory

To redeem a fallen earth

Somehow He saw a perfect world

Gave His life to pay the cost

Soon He’s coming to restore

The paradise we lost!

And the heavens hold the cloud

Our Lord will ride upon

The trumpet waits to sound

Behold, the Dreamer comes!

Creation moans and groans

The world hums as it turns

The winds of time cry out

Behold, the dreamer comes!

I can see Him in His throne room

Making plans for our new birth

His vision wrote our future

When His kingdom came to earth

Now the children of His purpose

Long for His Holy reign

We will live in peace eternal

In paradise regained!

Let everything that breathes, rejoice

Let every tribe and nation sing

For He who is and shall always be

Returns as King of Kings

Returns as King of Kings!

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