Hope Empathy Love Peace

I hope you enjoy holding these stories and poems in your hands, so that when you need strength, you go to that section, when you need encouragement, you go there. Though you can read it in People are my inspiration. I love the undeniable similarities and the wonderful differences between us; it is from this point of view, that Layers of the Heart was born. I truly hope you enjoy your journey; this has been a true labor of love God Bless and Thank you for stopping by for a visit. My blog Layers of the Heart inspired this book “Poems Stories, and Prayers of the Heart” the book was meant to inspire and give hope by sharing in everyday life experiences. The order in which I set it up, was so you can find what you may need during any point in your day. God Bless, hugs and love, Patricia, aka Columbia Valentine Scot

I wrote a whole other article with this title, in fact, I read it to a dear friend during our phone conversation, it was the article title which he and I conversed about for a good hour. When I hung up I said I need to get this typed an than low and behold, a voice within said don’t.  It wasn’t until this second, making coffee, that I was inspired to write what you will see below.
Help, we all have, or we will need it in some capacity. In my own heart, these are what those letters stand for, hope, empathy, love, and peace. Our country, the one where I grew up, these words were at its core, and we as Americans were proud to have those four qualities drive our country. We have always had religious, racial, gender, political, and Spiritual divide, but we overcame them to a degree we could all live with, work side by side, and strive to make it better.
Since Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther, JFK, Gloria Steinem, and Maya Angelou, all who made huge strides in all those areas, would be thoroughly confused if they all woke up here and now, to this once again, divided and broken country. They would be offended and appalled, and not very proud to be American.
The new word to describe our new America is; Mind-Blowing. Me, Indignant, Narcistic, Delusional, – Bulling, Legalistic, Obsessive, Wrong, Imperilment, Nauseating, Garish. How?
Because we have become so complacent when there are no obvious catastrophe’s around, nothing that affects us personally, we get wrapped up in self. I mean, growing up I lived in a building attached to another by a courtyard and I knew all my neighbors and their families, and we did something no matter how small, for one another, daily.
I know people who not only can’t tell me who lives in their buildings or neighborhoods, they can’t tell you who their mailman is. The point is that we use to say good morning, care how our neighbors were doing and now, because we got sucked up in the “I,” guess what? We all now need; Hope Empathy, Love, Peace, yesterday.
If we don’t get back to believing in hope, that having empathy for a total stranger, which showers love not to hate, we won’t return to our peace. America should always be a Model for Acceptance, peace, and opportunities for all, there was a reason our forefathers put “In God We Trust” on our currency, because we should all have the same chance at a better life, and money should not be the reason, but the effect of our labors.
In my book “Poems Stories and Prayers of the Heart,” under the inspiration section, is a poem entitled “We Are All Meant to Shine.” Due to number of word constraints, I will post the last verse to ponder, in hopes this inspired story keeps inspiring.

For He made us many Promises,
Though one, a true favorite of mine,
Which is, no matter what we may endure,
He wants us all to shine……

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