Why You Should Be Prepping for Doomsday

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Should you be a doomsday prepper? Are the end times coming? If so, are you prepared? The end times are not just a Biblical idealogy. Many people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and religions around the world believe that an extinction level even is coming in the future. Some believe that the Earth will be baked by a large solar flare, and some believe a polar shift will bring about the end.

Many believe that this extinction level even is coming due to Biblical prophesies. The Bible tells of a world war that will bring the world to an end. At the end of this war evil people will be done away with and good people will enjoy life on Earth.

Other end time prophesies come from the likes of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. Both, among others, have predicted end time events of some kind. But even if you are not a believer of the Bible or prophets, there are many who believe that an end time event is coming based on recent world events. Conflicts between nations and coalitions may eventually lead to all out war.

Even recent weather events have lead some to believe that time is running out for humanity as we know it. The next big tsunami, hurricane, or earthquake could be the extinction level event many are preparing for.

However it may happen, many believe it is inevitable… but survivable! In fact, there are thousands of groups of people who are preparing to do just that. Groups large and small have come together online and around the world to plan, prepare, and survive the end times event or when SHTF, as they say.

Some high level groups (Some you have likely heard about) have come together to build series of underground tunnels, storage facilities, and luxury bunkers. These facilities come complete with air and water filtration and processing systems. Some even have their own fully armed militias.

Smaller groups of what are commonly referred to as doomsday preppers have also come together. They teach and learn how to survive on the ground level and live “off the grid”. That is without depending on modern technologies and systems that may currently be in place. These preppers make their own medicines, grow and hunt their own food, and collect weapons for self-defense. Doomsday preppers around the world are currently doing these things and much more to give themselves and their families the best change to survive a SHTF scenario.

Should you consider prepping for doomsday? Of course! Even if you don’t believe the world will ever end, the doomsday you may face may be your own personal end of the world as you know it. You may be one of those hundreds of thousands of people that find themselves without power, water, temperature control, or worse.

You know that bridge that you drive across daily to get groceries, gas, etc.? It may not be there tomorrow. The next big storm may destroy it and leave you stranded and without supplies. Rescue crews may take weeks to get to you. What will you do?

In situations like these, having the supplies, tools, and equipment necessary to survive without all of the everyday things we take for granted is invaluable. No one wants to worry about these things until the time comes, but by then it’s often too late. Don’t worry. you don’t have to dig a full sized bunker and hire your own militia just yet. Just take some time every now and then to stock supplies that you might need. For example water, medical supplies, feminine supplies, and flashlights.

Along with having the right supplies, you should learn some helpful skills as well. Take a class on CPR, how to dress and treat common wounds, how to hunt and trap, and how to identify and gather edible foods from nature. Yes, that means eating some insects! Once you have learned these skills keep printouts on how to do them. Don’t rely on your memory alone! Also, you may want to form your own survival group in your area. Remember, you may not live to see the apocalypse, but you may see other disasters. Act now and you should be prepared. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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