where ideas come from

This is a guest post by author Gary Gaudin

I was born into a military family and as such I moved around this wonderful country of ours . I started in California and now live in the foothills of North Carolina. I am now an old man and for some reason I have gotten the bug for fictional writing and have in a short time written a few stories, short and long. Clearwater's Run being my latest, but not my last.

Whenever I have been in the past I always heard the question asked of writers.” Where do you get your ideas for your stories. I have heard it so many times that I have finally decided to tell everyone where my stories come from.
In New York City you will find a small hole in the wall store. It is on the corner of 33rd. and 3rd. You will really have to look for it. First off it is set back from the sound of the city, in fact ask anyone about it, and they will look at you with that deer in the headlights and say they haven’t heard of the place. Then there is the name of the store itself is misleading. Even though they sell plots for stories or screen plays and audio shows, like the Shadow Knows, the Lone Ranger, (did you know that William Conrad played The Lone Ranger [ask you parents who he was. then look up Clayton Moore] what a difference the TV made). They also sell proposals, grants, query letters. The name of the store is The Write stuff to Say.
Entering the store you will find it is dimly lit and it will take a minute or two to get your eyes adjusted from the bright outdoors. Once you can see you will see it is filled with every plot, sub -plot, romance, adventure. Science fiction, you could ever hope for, there is even a nook for speculative fiction. I heard that a couple of famous writers used that nook a lot. Yes there is a plethora of ideas and tools to help you write. They have it all and if you can pull yourself to the back of the store you will see three doors. Going through any of the three you will find descriptions of protagonist, antagonist, or sidekick / or comic relief character, they are all here.
Now they don’t take money, in fact currency is not what they require. No there is just one thing they will take and because of this if you haven’t prepared you probably will leave empty handed.
Yes they want to hear of a story line they haven’t got in the store collection.
Therefore, you best get 3 or 4 ready because they might have it already in their catalog. Remember it must be new. Once that is done you are ready to visit the store.
However, wait, in your hand are three or four great ideas for stories so you can cancel you trip to New York. You don’t need the story now you have great ideas before you now.
So grab your preferred method of setting your story to paper, you old IBM Selectric, your Olivetti, Underwood, your pads of of reams of paper, with pencil or pen, word processor, or computer program. And let’s flesh this plot line out.
So there you have it boys and girls, my secret to getting ideas to write about. If you still need to go to that store just tell them Gary sent you.

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