Forevermore Memoirs of the Grim Reaper

This is a guest post by author Travis Rainey

I was born in Las Vegas Nevada. There is a lot of myself and the background of my family that will be used in future works in both fiction and non-fiction. I Currently I reside in Utah. I have always had a fascination with the Grim Reaper and learning different cultures take on him. When I was in Junior High I received a poster of the Grim Reaper and my mind took off. At that time I wrote a short story called, "Reaper and the Rose". Which after years of redoing the story in my head I created, "Forevermore Memoirs of the Grim Reaper". While putting it all together. For over 20 years I have been a professional paranormal investigator and have helped over a thousand groups and people around the world. I also study photography and history. I feel without a vast knowledge of history around the world and k owing how to find the information needed helps me in my work of both writer and paranormal investigator. In all aspects of work I have been know by a lot of nickname. Animal, The Grim Reaper, but most written about in magazines and books I have been referred to as the man without fear. More books including a sequel are in process.

Growing up I heard a lot of thing. You’re going to fail, Why even bother, and my personal favorite, You cant do it.

For some time I actually believed it and became scared to try. In that same thought it also occurred to me that I was intelegent, out going, and anything I did I gave my all. So why could I not do anything I wanted?

My only curb at that point that kept me back was I am dyslexic.

I was encouraged by my wife and some of my family and friends to pursue writing. As I began I still felt discouraged until I reached out to an author whom I thought i would never hear back from.

When Stephen King got back and wrote to me about my concerns it was such a thrill, and I will never forget a paragraph he wrote.

“All that matters is the story. The editing will come later. Take your story and write it all down. Make sure it flows and at the end makes them want more or completes the story where they want to read it over and over. There will be errors but it is the story that matters.”

My wife had said the same statement.

With a new found optimism I wrote “Forevermore Memoirs of the Grim Reaper”.

I found a passion for writing, and with that a sequel is in the works along with many other works of fiction and non fiction that are in the que waiting to be finished

Never stop, always follow your dreams.

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