Believe in yourself

I am a spontaneous person who loves adventures of novels as well as being entertained. My background consists of more than twenty five years within the health field where I held many classifications. While working I wanted to explore more than medical terminology so I ventured out into the world and became: a hair model, a full figured model, a extra/sit-in within films & sitcom, I've volunteered for several charities from serving food to the needy to church organizations, I also implemented event planning and a whole array of other fulfillments.

Believe in yourself steers from many conversations with others. I feel if you fall victim to other people’s drama than you will sink into their world of misery. I advocate strongly to take matters into your own hand. Don’t let other people’s negativity leave an in print in you while determining what’s real oppose to what’s fake. Stand on your own two feet to make a difference in diffusing the drama before it escalates. Some people look for people they consider to be just as miserable as themselves. That’s why it’s good to listen and maybe give a honest opinion in saying to that person that you choose to not be involved with foolishness in tearing someone’s credibility  down but suggest that they need to slow down and stop finding every nit or nat in deliberately being negative. Believe in yourself knowing truth, prosperity, love, and know that your positive opinion can make someone else’s day or moment.

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