Time We Look Around

This is a guest post by author Columbia Valentine Scot

I hope you enjoy holding these stories and poems in your hands, so that when you need strength, you go to that section, when you need encouragement, you go there. Though you can read it in order. People are my inspiration. I love the undeniable similarities and the wonderful differences between us; it is from this point of view, that Layers of the Heart was born. I truly hope you enjoy your journey; this has been a true labor of love God Bless and Thank you for stopping by for a visit. My blog Layers of the Heart inspired this book “Poems Stories, and Prayers of the Heart” the blog was meant to inspire and give hope by sharing in everyday life experiences. The order in which I set it up, was so you can find what you may need during any point in your day. God Bless, hugs and love, Patricia, aka Columbia Valentine Scot

Time, We look Around
Columbia Valentine Scott

The below poem was written to impact us all in some fashion, where we fall on the spectrum of this line only we will know. As writers our many objectives, is to connect with our readers in various ways.
Some of us like to take them away, some try to get them to solve a mystery, some wish to educate, others to awaken things that have been forgotten. If my poem affects you at all, then I accomplished what I set out to do.
Many of us have become numb, horrified, complacent, angry, and exhausted by the state of affairs we see all of us going through around the globe. None of which is new by the way. What has changed in a big way is our response. The good news is, as in one of my favorite movies ever, a line in that movie said by Peter finch, is finally being said around the world, “I’m tired and I’m not going to take it anymore.”
Whether what you read makes you say “Yes,” or “this is bull”, at least it forced you to have an opinion and take a stand and a side on the Spectrum of life. I pray we all pay it forward so we all get paid, making someone laugh, can be paying it forward. I wish us all health and light, God bless.

Time to Look Around
Columbia Valentine Scot

It’s suppose to be the land of milk and honey,
not the world of greed and money,

the Vatican with its dishes of gold,
when there are people suffering, hungry, and old.

children who have no energy to play,
because they have no breakfast to start their day,

we look towards the people who supposedly care,
the answer we get “the world is not fair.”

how is it possible we’ve become so immune?
to accept the corruption, erosion, as our world turns to ruins,

Today global warming is a real thing,
as we sit helplessly watching the chaos it brings,

we’ve all been tricked at one time or another,
the time has returned to see strangers as our sisters and brothers.

for each one of us could find ourselves in their position,
as we go from all to none, a scary transition,

it wasn’t long ago when we knew our neighbors name,
now some of us can’t describe them, oh what a shame,

it’s not too late to change the way we act,
de-numbify ourselves and once again react,

to the horrors that we live and see every day,
a homeless person, a hungry child, this isn’t our way,

we must pay it forward, no gesture to small,
a single act can affect so many we carry the ball,

we pass it, ignore it, in hopes it disappears,
some bury their heads hoping the smoke clears,

no, we tried all of those, and we see the results,
as we blame, accuse, and sling insults,

this isn’t about luck, it’s all been pre-planned,
we need to reawaken, and realize it’s all our land,

as it melts, cracks, and erupts, the reality of how small,
makes it time to admit these things affect us all,

the solution is easy, it’s about give and take,
time to start giving, and selfishness take a break,

for love, hope and kindness, now rare to be found,
must now take the forefront, when we look around….

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