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I hope you enjoy holding these stories and poems in your hands, so that when you need strength, you go to that section, when you need encouragement, you go there. Though you can read it in order. People are my inspiration. I love the undeniable similarities and the wonderful differences between us; it is from this point of view, that Layers of the Heart was born. I truly hope you enjoy your journey; this has been a true labor of love God Bless and Thank you for stopping by for a visit. My blog Layers of the Heart inspired this book “Poems Stories, and Prayers of the Heart” the blog was meant to inspire and give hope by sharing in everyday life experiences. The order in which I set it up, was so you can find what you may need during any point in your day. Thank you for letting me know it was welcomed on your journey, I am humbled. God Bless, hugs and love, Patricia, aka Columbia Valentine Scot

Columbia Valentine Scot
Proverbs 22:6
6 Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Throughout most people’s lives they’ve heard or spoken of foundations. Our “Founding Fathers” built this country, Family foundations, I believe is where most of us begin. Whether it’s strong, weak, broken, missing, it’s where it all begins. With Good parents, bad parents, missing parents, no parents.
With Mother’s Day approaching I looked back on my foundation, and though it had cracks, it had God, it had working parents, then one parent, but for me I had a rock and not a sand foundation and I chose to fill in the cracks, not play the blame game and be light and not darkness.
I was one of the fortunate ones, in my eyes, I got to see both sides of the coin, and make what I feel was an informed decision for me. Sadly, I feel today, even more so than during the depression, our foundation has been rocked to the core, and a lot of our children feel hopeless and limited.
How is it possible that during the war every or most every registered family got a ticket, once a week stood in line for food, and EVERY house had something, rice, flour, something to eat. It is now 2018, in one of the strongest nations in the world, and children wake up and go to bed hungry, unacceptable, impossible or it should be. We have both parents and older kids working, we have more resource’s than we admit, and people throw out fruit because it’s bruised.
During war time there were no neighbors, everyone was family, what happened? We need to start smiling, start giving, and expecting nothing, and everyone will get more than they need. You get what you give.
Why this came to mind is Mom’s get it done, you tell a mom she can’t, or her child has no hope and you get people like Jacobs mom, when Drs. said impossible she said watch me, Alex’s mom who encouraged the strength and hope in her daughter who sold lemonade for cancer and is now carried on by her parents for childhood cancer, an 8 year old with cancer has and is still helping countless lives, solid foundation, selfless, loving, unconditional, “love thy neighbor as thy self.” How is this wrong to make an option in schools?
All Nations, especially ours, a free nation needs to patch up these cracks before it crumbles before us. We have so many loving, generous, gifted people big and small who just need to find their purpose and passion, and go back to loving, caring, and putting others first, if everyone puts everyone first, guess what, no one is left behind, like the back of my book cover says;” if we all pay it forward we all get paid.”
I am so grateful to all my Brothers and Sisters, for their love, strength, prayer, and support. I hope you all have an exceptional Mother’s Day, even if it’s in an old age home spreading joy, I hope the below poem inspires and encourages us all. God bless us, everyone.

Columbia Valentine Scot
There is no place for bitterness,
when it comes to our heart,
for struggles are lessons,
that set us apart,

for those of us who do believe,
know that this is “sow,”
it’s the key to our journey,
which enables us to grow,

jealousy, envy, and judgement,
emotions we try not to possess,
as they keep God’s children,
away from His caress.

It should be love and kindness,
That’s the basis for all that we do,
As confirmed in His “Holy Word,”
Which we know is absolute, and true,

For as is His promise,
To secure us each a place,
For every single child who believes,
Receives His loving Grace…
(page 130 in book)

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