Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald is an accomplished author, artist and entrepreneur. While she has had a successful career as a paralegal, her product portfolio and creative endeavors are vast: music, cosmetics, fragrance and greeting cards. Raquel is a native of El Paso, Texas. She now resides in California. For more information, go to her website:


Curiosity is like a hypnotic trance leading to a tunnel that eventually guides you to knowledge. Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald is a talented indie author. As a child before she could read, books were a great source of curiosity for her. She would look at the letters as though they were some sort of secret message with a yearning that only intensified by the aroma of paper. Yes, Raquel does love the smell of books.

At first, her family’s small library consisted of Aesop’s Fables, the Bible, and some Zane Grey novels. Then the World Book Encyclopedia arrived to her home. Not only was her thirst for knowledge quenched, but these books gave Raquel new ammunition.

Raquel’s older brother loved to call her names while boasting about his superior intelligence. She then researched exotic animals in the encyclopedia and found a plethora of names to call her brother in retaliation. Finally, when Raquel referred to him as a mandrill, he went a little crazy.

That’s when she decided to move on to better subjects. One of them was music. Raquel played the violin for six years and studied music most of her life. She combined all of these abilities with a natural love of entertaining people.

Needless to say, books affected Raquel’s very curious mind since childhood. Perhaps that is why her writing style is so unique. Creating interesting characters and clever landscapes takes a brilliant and curious mind. Most importantly, it requires true talent. Talent is something that cannot be learned. Talent is innate. Reviews of her books demonstrate this talent and just how entertaining her writing style is:

“Awesome is an inadequate word to describe this utterly remarkable book. Surprisingly, this well expressive author has effortlessly baptized me in his awe-inspiring tale. Indeed this amazing breathtaking thriller has left me completely mute. Certainly this mesmerizing tale possesses the necessary components to leave indifferent and unenthusiastic readers completely awestruck. Of which I am chief. Absolutely, this is a must read!” Nita Banks

“Osiris is the second book in the series, with The Eye of Osiris being the book number one. Don’t worry, if you haven’t read the first book in the series, the second book has a informative introduction that will catch you up pretty quickly.  The first book sets place in San Francisco during the late eighties. Mariah, Veronica, and Luis go through life changing experiences that have a way of connecting the three together.  Both books have a supernatural mystery theme, that instantly drew my attention in. There are ritualistic type murders that San Francisco authorities are hoping is an act by one person alone. If more than one murderer is suspected, the only reason will be supernatural.
It’s this exact supernatural event that brings Moriah closer to understanding herself just a little bit more. All in all, you’ll learn a great amount of information about the beliefs of Egyptology. The cover portrays the theme in an adequate fashion. Overall I would rate this book as a 5/5.”  Elizabeth, Stuffed Shelves

Buyer Beware! Cyber pirating is a serious crime against the artist, the reader and society at large. Luckily, we have some really great tips on how to safeguard against cyber pirating from paralegal and author Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald. And, she’s even written a fun, imaginative novel, TORRENT TRAGEDY, about a cyber pirate who gets just what he deserves. Luckily, The Latina Book Club is able to bring you an excerpt of this novel.” Latina Book Club

“Dead Boss Cemetery Dot Com was a very interesting and unique novel. It was an easy read, which I read in one sitting, as I was engrossed in the story line of these three women – the UN trio. I really enjoyed that because of the length of the novel, there were not any lulls in their story. The characters were very well developed and it certainly kept me on the hook to read vol. 2.
Fitzgerald keeps the reader in her seat with all of well thought out mystery. The ‘who dun it’ certainly has potential to go sideways however Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald definitely kept me interested throughout the entirety.
A concoction of mystery, thriller and action with a unique spin on crime.”  J. Woods

Suspenseful and fast paced, her stories evoke a keen curiosity in her audience. “Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back,” is a saying that perhaps describes her books because they give you a feeling of gratification. Dedicated to poetic or karmic justice, Raquel states, “In my younger years, I hoped that a higher power would come down from the heavens and make things right. Since it is so hard to get true justice in this world, I decided to make it happen now in my stories.”

Being an indie author requires many things besides talent. It requires courage. Coincidentally, indulging your curiosity also requires courage. So, the next time you see a title that tickles your curiosity from an unknown indie author, please have the courage to buy it!

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