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My name is Patricia, but I use a pseudonym for my writing, which is why the cover of the book has Columbia Valentine Scot. Columbia was my naunie (grandma) in English and you will get to meet her in my book. Valentine stands for love, and Scot came from my baby brother Scott whom I helped raise. Thus out of the bond I hold with each of them a new meaningful name was born. I have had many poems and short stories published under that name and it feels like a comforting friend. I live in the beautiful Catskill mountain region in upstate New York, easily inspired by my surroundings, change of seasons, and the many different animals that share my ten acres that surround my little white cottage. I have been writing since age nine and won a contest at the age of ten in a local paper and never turned back. People are my inspiration. I love the undeniable similarities and the wonderful differences between us; it is from this point of view, that Layers of the Heart was born. I truly hope you enjoy your journey; this has been a true labor of love God Bless


Columbia Valentine Scot

Passover and Easter are to me extensions of one another, much like this world and Heaven.
It is my belief, to reach Heaven, we must first pass through the door from Earth, to our Eternal home in Heaven, I look at Earth as my work address, and when we complete our task and our meetings are over, we get to go home.
There are so many struggles, like with any job there are challenges, hurdles and tragedies. Each of us go through some forms of difficulties, as well as successes, all unique to our lives.
As a Christian believer, Christ’s resurrection was the event when the stone was moved and the tomb empty; what the Resurrection is; is that Jesus is alive and seated at the Fathers right side. Jesus is and always will be our (Christians) God, as well as a Sinless Jewish man that walked this Earth and died for all sin, so we could repent, accept His payment and receive God’s grace.
The first Christians were Jewish Christians, for he came to reveal Himself as their king, but our loving Father wanted to expand His family, and make us all one, so He wrote and fulfilled the prophesy’s written way before Christ birth, The Fathers plan from the beginning, in the Old Testament, the lambs blood would pay the debt for all mankind one time a year, but this lambs blood would pay for all sin, of every human being. Here is one of many scriptures, Psalm 22 which captures one of the more familiar acts, most people know of.
Psalm 22:16-18 New King James Version (NKJV)
16 For dogs have surrounded Me;
The congregation of the wicked has enclosed Me.
They pierced[a] My hands and My feet;
17 I can count all My bones.
They look and stare at Me.
18 They divide My garments among them,
And for My clothing they cast lots.
I speak of the Resurrection, because like back then, we are becoming more and more a world divided. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the celebration of Passover and Easter are normally quite close to one another in time.
My personal hope and belief is that we all realize that the Old Testament if a door to the New Testament, as the Earth is our door to Heaven, and that our King is alive and will return to take us home.
The horrific events happening now, are very similar to those experienced in the Bible, bloodshed, violence, wars, prejudice. The problem is the enemies lease is almost up, so
it’s becoming harder for us to see the trickery that’s everywhere. We need to stand together, not divided, and full of love and hope. I pray our holidays are blessed and that the below poem brings us all Joy and excitement.

Columbia Valentine Scot

The heavenly Father must come first,
all others in life, need come second,

for those of us who know the Lord,
long to hear Him beckon,

to fulfill His will and purpose,
that He created for each woman and man,

we get to choose on our own,
whether we want to accept His plan.

this is our key component,
which allows us to succeed and be free,

to be part of the vine that grows our branch,
the metaphor Jesus used about the tree,

no, not the one He hung upon,
to remove all our sins forever,

it’s the one we find in His word,
to help us doubt Him never,

our loving God knows every star by name,
as well as each hair on our head,

there is nothing the Father would not do,
and why He left His word to be read,

He sent His Only Son to suffer,
Our sinless God and Savior,

For it’s by His Grace we were saved,
our path guided by His loving favor,

It was His gift to all mankind, that we would have a choice,
He was our God and a human being, when His death took place,

That separation and suffering necessary to carry out,
In order that we could receive, the loving promise of His Grace.

Where the Bible verses were found
(John 15:5)
(Psalm 147:4)
(Math: 10:30)

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