Remember Be Thankful, False Guilt Is A Dangerous, Unhealthy Thing For Us All

People are my inspiration. I love the undeniable similarities and the wonderful differences between us; it is from this point of view, that Layers of the Heart was born. I truly hope you enjoy your journey; this has been a true labor of love God Bless and Thank you for stopping by for a visit. My blog Layers of the Heart has a book page with links to sites where my book is sold. I also have a link to author’s books I recommend. My blog is meant to inspire and give hope by sharing in everyday life experiences. I hope you enjoy. God Bless, hugs and love Patricia aka Columbia

False Guilt; A feeling of guilt a person has when he or she has done nothing wrong, so easy to condition human behavior when something is repetitive, or frowned upon by society. The real kicker is that “We” are society.

Think about it, a spouse beats their spouse and the abused is the one who takes blame, and feels guilt and shame, as if they brought on the abuse, or feel they deserve it in someway. A woman loses a baby and as painful as it is, and they mourn, surprisingly, some actually feel guilty, as if they had a hand in this very heartbreaking situation Even our Veterans go to war, it’s their job to protect and serve, still some come home feeling guilty. Very often he victims carry guilt, and the attackers have a clear head.

It is so important to change those feelings of rejection, self-punishment, insecurity, and depression, for in doing that, the thought process changes for the better, not only for the victim but the bully as well, because usual they too, experienced abuse, and sadly didn’t have the tools to help them turn out the way they probably hoped for, a better life. Together one relationship at a time we can do this.

The key to making true change is Faith, Hope  Belief and Love. If we all open up, share what we go through, it helps others who may feel isolated or like a freak, realize we all go through hard, messed up stuff, and those that pull through still have belief in people and life, and those who become jaded and cut off, wind up creating a demarcation line across people and life as we know it, instead of a united thankful family, we become a divided family half filled with thankfulness and love and the other with hate and a chip, which by the way every single person can choose to have because we have all had heartache in some form, that is life.

Do we choose to treat every day as a chance at a new outcome, or cave and go from the “We” to the “I” of Society?  Do we care for the self or the whole? Life is a choice. We can use social media to spread understanding and love, or selfishness and hate. We can write, face-time, blog, get the word out, We are all the same, all one family, intentionally created different, but one family. Just like in our own individual families,  we can show compassion, understanding and kindness and ,most importantly forgiveness, than we change our world around. Mark Twain said “Forgiveness is the fragrance the Violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” That is my wish this Thanksgiving to be grateful for our freedom, breathing, be able to love and forgive, share, and help someone smile. God bless, and a safe Thanksgiving to all, I pray no child go hungry this Thanksgiving day


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