Tintreg Gilgarra

This is a guest post by author Titch Laudregan (sometimes Laudrigan)

The author is an ex-Navy Journalist and construction business owner, As well, before the Navy, a university major in history, political science, and writing. As a child growing up had the life of a military brat moving regularly from place to place. There were lengthy stints overseas in Japan, France, Germany, and Great Britain. The most meaningful being that of England. New Mexico was an additional place of meaningful time and it was there that many ideas were spawned due the Cold War era and the daunting mountains beyond. Presently the author live retired in Oregon and enjoying writing whenever the opportunity.

‘Tintreg Gilgarra’ is a sequel to ‘En Brera’ and continues the story of a young boy, now a man, who once fled to the mountains years before in north central New Mexico, rugged mountains overlooking his parent’s house. Here is surprisingly found an abandoned bunker complex born much earlier of the ’50s and ’60s Cold War. No reason found for it being empty, but now it belongs to the boy and is his forever more as a safe hidden sanctuary. A place full of everything needed for a very small army to exist~weapons, food, money, and more lie within in abundance. This is a Mountain possessed of more than the bunker within, and it in time takes over the character’s mental stability and wellbeing, turning him cold and uncaring but for himself.
The main character in ‘Tintreg’┬áhas moved from the mountain to the military and has done a long stint in Vietnam as a special forces type soldier during the waning years of the pointless and near endless war called Vietnam. He returns Stateside just as the war is in its last long lived throes and Vietnam is being abandoned completely of American presence. With some several months to still serve before end of enlistment and finished of the military, the main character returns to the mountain after committing murder, to plan for and take up another career. That of murder for hire and paid assassin.

‘Tintreg’ this day has become available in the bookstores.

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