Gifts or abilities

This is a guest post by author Alan Wright

I am a passive medium, a Healer, Empath and a Sensitive. I have had these abilities since I was young. I find though that as I get older these abilities are getting stronger.

My grandmother and mother passed down to me their so called gifts . I have heard about these gifts from different people, most often people not from the paranormal field, from the time I was a child. As I got older these gifts got stronger and stronger.
I’m a passive medium, now you might ask me what is that? I do not have the ability to call up or contact the dead at will. The dead come to me in the form of dreams just as they did for my grandmother and mother. They come to me usually to tell me about something pertaining to my family or close friends. Most of the time but not all the time.
Now to get back to those gifts. I refer my gifts as abilities. Most of the time talking to the dead is not something that I would want to do but it is an ability that I have.
In my books I talk about those abilities and the experiences that I have had in my life time. I’m also an empath, Healer. And a Sinsitive. And in the last few decades I have been able to Astral project myself to different places.
In the beginning I didn’t know what this was but as time went on I realized that it was called Astral projection. I well go to bed and go to sleep and the next thing I know is that I am in another place. I have been to a place that I called paradise and saw my grandfather and spent time with him. I have also been to a place that I have called a level of hell when I was called there by a spirit that I had associated with when he was on this earth.
Some people call what I do and how I describe them as concepts. All I know is that I have lived these concepts and every one of them is true and is represented as the truth.
I’m not a professional and have not collected any money from any of it. My wife of eight years has been after me that I should write about my experiences to leave to my family so that it is not loss forever.
I have been to a place that cannot be described in this English language because it was so beautiful and strange at the same time. I have also been to a place that I can only describe as hell because it was dark. It was filled we regret, depression, fear and regret. It was so thick you could cut it with a knife.
I have had the pleasure to heal people and make them feel better. I have lived in a haunted house and I had an experience there with an evil entity that I called an Banshee.
I have had an opportunity to cleanse my house and cast a ghost out of a friend’s house. I have also saw the death of a newspaper reporter.
These are not concepts, these are life experiences. Is there life after death? Are there different levels of heaven and hell? Is there a God? Are there ghosts? These are some things that I have had an opportunity to deal with in my life and able to write about. As a kid I thought my life was normal but as an adult I realize it was anything but normal.

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