Time to Change the World!

This is a guest post by author Timmy Chattman

Timmy Chattman is a singer-songwriter / public speaker from New England. He has been writing in various genres since high school and since 1988 has traveled to various high schools and youth detention facilities warning youth on the dangers of a drug and alcohol filled life. He has worked with SADD, MADD and many other public service organizations. As a singer Timmy has opened concerts for the likes of the Temptations and Four Tops. As a songwriter several of his songs have received national acclaim. This is the first book in a series Timmy has labeled "Prophiction" or "Prophetic Fiction. " He is a father and a grand-father. His heart is to see every young person be all they can be and living the lives they were created for and not the lives they are settling for. As a minister Tim has devoted his life to furthering the Kingdom of God to which he attributes his miraculous new life.

Ok…I’ve fought against this blog thing for a while now but according to marketing people its a great way to build a customer base and say things that are on your heart. First of all I may not put things that are personal out here in cyberspace. I will however address things that concern me.  I just looked over at my book page and noticed that people have started buying my book…thank you. It’s a good book. Just to clarify, I wrote this book after visiting the youth detention centers and prisons to minister the love of God. Many times when concluding the inmates would ask me what church I went to or where my church was. Sad thing is a lot of the churches I went to weren’t ready for an influx of former inmates and I didnt want to subject these newly released people to the kind of atmosphere that might make them think they were different or not accepted. I wrestled with this for a long time and even thought about planting churches specifically for the unloved or unwanted. While living in Colorado I was visiting a Barnes and Nobles and noticed all the Twilight and Harry Potter stuff all around the stores. The idea for Misfitz originated there. I wanted to write a book that used magic…not just any magic but God’s magic to make reading for these inmates, youth, young adults and anyone else interested. Many of the things that happen in Misfitz are true…they have either happened to me or people I have known. Some of them I am waiting to hear about! All this to say…church we need to be more responsive to “the least of these.” And just for the record I have seen God move more in some prisons I have been in than many churches I’ve been in! That’s what brings me back…watching Poppa pour His love out on these people society has condemned, judged and labeled…some rightly so…but God doesn’t throw anyone away…as long as there is a breath he can reach them. I know the book will bless you!  Thanks and blessings to you all!

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