The Realities of Abnormal Behavior

This is a guest post by author Carolyn McGee

Carolyn McGee is a paraprofessional in the areas of Humanities and Behavior, Substance Abuse, and Cognitive Therapy. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and is currently continuing her studies in Psycho-therapy. She is retired and now spend most of her time writing about the many stories she has heard and volunteering her services in her community for those who face life crises. More than writing she also loves to spend time with family and her loving grandchildren.

Abnormality in human behavior is on the rise and is currently the culprit behind the many senseless deaths in our society due to someone who is unfortunately mentally dysfunctional to say the least.  It’s origin often goes undetected until something literally causes the person to snap and be pushed over the edge.  Abnormal behavior can also be camouflaged by normal behavior that can leave one unsuspecting.  Usually in the core, there lies some things that went undetected or were never dealt with from major or traumatic episodes, some too detrimental to recall.  The mental illness criteria can imply a clear identifiable physical process that differs from health and can lead to specific behaviors and symptoms. Supernatural theories see abnormal behavior as a result of divine intervention, curses, demonic possession, and personal sin. The psychological theories see abnormal behavior as a result of traumas. Now, halfway through the century there have been major breakthroughs in drug treatments for many of the major forms of abnormality.

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