Thomas H. Ward is a best-selling author of suspense thriller fiction and nonfiction works. He is best known for his ten book series Tocabaga, and Templars Quest a three book series, Critical Incidents, The Finger Collector, and Gun Talk. As you can see by my picture I’m a friendly looking guy ... just trying to tell a good story that people can enjoy. I try to write in a manner that reflects how everyday people speak and act. I hope you enjoy my books. My fictional stories are based on my actual life experiences and knowledge which I have interwoven into them. "In every truth there is non-truth. In every fiction there is non-fiction." Thank you for reading my books.

The most amazing book ever written is the Holy Bible. The stories are incredible and as we are finding out most of them have proven to be true. Yes, true because they are supported by ancient writings of Mankind’s history. We have a long and complicated history that most people don’t even know about.

This history is found in the ancient writings and scrolls written before the Bible was written. These writings more or less verify the Bible accounts of Adam and Eve. Very few people can read these ancient writings.

There is a man named Zecharia Sitchin who has pent his life time reading over 50,000 scrolls and clay tablets of the ancients. The Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrain, Hittite, Canaanite, and Egyptian, writings. The oldest writing is Sumerian which takes us back to the beginning of time for man on this earth.  Dr. Sitchin is the Albert Einstein of Archaeology.

He has written a seven book series titled “The Earth Chronicles” which covers in great detail these writings and what them mean. If you like history then you will love these books.

The fact is the Bible only tells us part of the story of man. The ancient texts tell us the other part of who we really are and how we can to be.

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