Birds have a memory.

This is a guest post by author René Qián

Rene Qian, a radio and TV announcer, short story writer, musician, and practitioner of several physical and spiritual disciplines, has completed his new book “The MSCP Principle”: a detailed guide to connecting readers with their own energy field by developing the power of will and awareness. Qian shares, “Grasping the understanding of a hidden and sacred insight while having a close encounter about the existence of good, or having reached an inner perception of what evil could be, it’s having crossed the borderline of the unmentionable. When communicating this knowledge to others, while trying to explain it to them that good or evil exists, is to go into a universe of dualities, of the illusory and to become verbal, for all these words have a different semantic charge for every one of us, which are the foundation to our personal experiences. The explanation that we provide to the listener may be real to us but, likewise, may be a fantasy for their ears.” “The MSCP I Principle- Routines” shows how a set of 16 routine exercise may develop the universal spark hidden within every human being to connect with his/her emotional, psychological, mental, and spiritual bodies. The practitioner will start ‘extending’ an energy field after regulating the body, breathing, and mind, and through the right technique will be placing his/her perception beyond time and space. The practitioner of the MSCP I Principle –Routines will be aware of the power of a smile and a positive comment. Will rediscover how positive emotions can resonate with a negative value on the opposite side of the measuring scale, even without intending to do so. Readers who wish to experience this thought-provoking work can purchase “The MSCP Principle” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Kobo, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

Clear blue skies may be seen in Phoenix, Arizona just like in any other city in the U.S.  If you watch closely into this deep blue sky you’ll notice some diffused clouds here and there specially under a 107 F  temperature. And in a closer depth of field you may notice some specks in motion. Birds. Moving fast, flapping its wings, you’ll notice tens, hundreds of birds passing by way up above your head. Some of these feathered creatures can be identified as ducks, doves, crows, sparrows and  on ground level few hummingbirds.

In the backyard of my house there is a palm tree that every year birds turn it into their home. Palm tree’s leaves is the perfect site for these creatures to hide and build their nests. Before the high temperatures get to town I like to spend my mornings and afternoons under the shade of these tropical trees, so do they.

One day I noticed a baby crow jumping from one branch to the other fell into the pool- you need to have a pool in the back of the house to ease this merciless  weather-. This bird didn’t struggle being inside the water, but I considered it  as unhygienic, so i grabbed the pool net and grab the bird out. Mama and papa’ baby bird  were crowing at this outrageous act done by  a human being. It was not my intention to keep for myself this baldy look like pterodactyls  bird, so i place it back on top of the palm tree. I left the baby bird alone while still the parents were making an awful noise. I had no chance but to go inside to watch tv just to stay away from these annoying situation.

Next morning I went out to say high to the flowers and the trees and get some fresh air, when the crowing started  above the same palm tree i had left the baldy baby bird. The crowing seemed to never stop, when suddenly i notice on the surface of the pool, there was the reason of this commotion.

The baldy baby crow was still in the water. Dead. I took what was left of the bird and placed it over a wall close to the pool so the papa and mama crow could see its heir was just immobile,  not alive. The crowing didn’t stop. Although i waved my hands over the dead bird, so the adult crowd coul see its baby there, laying static over the edge of the wall, never the less the crowing was not stopping. Even seemed the mama crow was calling their flock pals to join her crowing. Of course, some six small crows were flapping its wings with loud commotion. i decided to forget about this situation, and again, went inside the house to stop hearing ;the drilling to the ears’ sound.

Next day I got dressed and ready ti go to work and on the way  to ride my car, a small crow bird, standing on a palm tree at the other side of the house, in the backyard, noticed me walking towards the car. The mama crow bird, which I guess she was the mother of the late aspirant,  crossed the skies over my head, CROWING! CROWING! Others join her, guess what. Crowing.

Days passed and because I needed to go to work, my tormentor always paid me a visit, crowing of course, but let me tell you it didn’t pass a single day the mama crow peep out on me crowing. After a week their fellow birds left her alone with its crowing, but this stubborn creature never stop crowing one single day. I started to feel kind of a worrywart for its performance and started feeling not very safe about it. Images from Hitchcock’s movie start passing through my mind. It scared me the single idea to get pocked in my gray hair head. My grey hair! , suddenly I realized this was the clue the bird had while looking down on me. Why i didn’t think about this before, I said to myself.

Next day I needed to do some gardening in the back of my house. I worked for hours gardening and pulling out weed. The crowing was not heard and the mama crow didn’t show up not even to cool down under a shade. I was wearing a wide-brimmed hat. I  started to wear this head every day, it worked wonders, and  I learned a lesson; birds have a memory.

René Qián

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