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cross gateThis is a guest post by A.F. Roberts, author of “Cross Gate

A.F. Roberts is a Phoenix native working in printing, who decided to dabble in writing a book, after reading so many. The supernatural and sci-fi genres influenced imagination so much, that when a simple, God-inspired notion ‘came upon a midnight clear,’ it just seemed like the right thing to do – to take it to fruition – and go all the way to publication. And so was born (after just ‘a few years’), CROSS GATE!

Yet to come are CG’s sequels, EARTH GATE and the final installment, CROSS OVER!

A.F. Roberts


Ever notice how much the characters you read about influence the characters you develop? I honestly never did – until I actually started writing – seriously. In my novel trilogy, I began with a handful of core individuals whom I figured had a basic hierarchy. It centered around a family – a father, mother, daughter, son. It seemed to me at the inception, this would make the dad the lead role (no coincidence I myself am father to a son).

Yet, the multiple book series’ I was reading at the time I began my stories were: Shadowhunters, Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures and Women of the Otherworld. Is it any wonder then, that the daughter of my story worked her way into becoming the lead character?

This topic inevitably leads to a subject I can’t talk about enough. In essence, the beauty of writing – the way you read. Any book one ever delves into goes like this, no matter who you are: every day, every turn of the page, every chapter – is a new discovery. The story is unfolding – to what end, you do not know, unless – you keep on turning pages.

I certainly cannot speak for other writers; but for me, writing is much the same way. Each day, every paragraph, each exchange between characters, every chapter – is always a new experience, much like a read. Is this to say I don’t have any idea where the story-line leads or is supposed to go? Not at all. I almost always have a general overview of the path it is to take. If I don’t, I’ve found that it will eventually present itself. Regardless, every writing session and scene tends to work successively. That is, one scenario leads progressively to the next. What the characters talk about or do expands into what can happen next.

In this respect, I believe an almost spiritual aspect begins to take place. When one crafts a tale in which the people they write of do not actually exist, but they are moving a story along, a spirit of these fictional folks starts to manifest somehow.

Sound a little crazy? Perhaps. Except – when you get to know your peers in this world of storytelling. Then, you’re able to exchange with others who concoct their people who aren’t really here either. Suddenly it occurs – to some small degree, that – “they do exist!”

Besides already published characters influencing those that are still evolving pre-press, the well-known authors themselves can bear their mark on how we newbies begin to craft our tales. In respect to my trilogy, I’ve observed more than once that the way I introduce new characters tends to mirror the way my favorite writers do. Perhaps an initially random person appears in a scene in one book – by the next, they’re brought into the fold, becoming far more than a mere cameo. In this fashion, the world one crafts can evolve larger and larger, one character at a time. Beautiful.

Now, if you’ll indulge me for a moment, yet another spiritual-parallel ‘bookmark’ for ya’ll. If a writer is a creator (of ‘brave, new worlds’), there exists a ‘thin-spot’ therein where a synergy with higher power, I offer, is accessible. Biblically, Christ is often referred to as the Word, and scripture itself, the living word, all very much interchangeable. The Bible in its own right, is a massive compilation of – stories! Altogether, giving this writer the notion that The Creator is quite the ‘literary’ being, if you will.

As human beings, when we tap into this sphere of creative writing, I believe we share, in some small way, the truer nature of the higher realm. Just a notion of course, but this observation and mindset has, without question, enhanced my writing and purpose, overall.

In closing, I would suggest that the combination of this tapping into the collective-consciousness and thereby, higher consciousness is the full achievement of the writing process – regardless of our degree of success in the marketplace.

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