Why Do Readers Love the Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a device that’s very similar to an iPad built by Amazon. The very first Kindle predated the iPad and was purely a text reader. It showed rough images and black and white text that you could read on the screen. Today, Kindle exists in two forms namely; the Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite. A second type of Kindle called the Kindle Fire has been added to offer a full color display. It runs on ARM processors and is ideal for every reader whether you are a magazine reader, newspaper reader or book reader. The Kindle brings over a million books to your fingertips.

The first generation Kindle was released by Amazon on 19th November 2007 for UD$ 399. The device sold out in just five and a half hours of its release. Since then, many versions of Kindle have been released with their performance increasing and prices decreasing.

Kindle Fire performance:

When it first got to the market, the Amazon Kindle Fire ran on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Since then, its OS has been upgraded and updated to 6.3.2. This new OS allowed users to watch longer movie rentals and also had the ability to sync any content to Amazon cloud. Amazon solutions usually brings various up-sides of WebOS, android and iOS. With these solutions, Kindle readers are sure to have a tidy, neat and functional experience.

The home screen naturally appears in form of a book shelf. Recently viewed items appear at the top with each item represented by a webOS-like card or icon. Below your recently viewed items, your favorite apps will appear and can be placed anywhere you want in the shelf. It looks amazing in landscape mode and you can easily flick through.

Kindle performance:

The favorite feature for any eBook reader is ultimately the screen. The new Kindle offers a 600x800 sixteen greys Eink display. The screen is perfectly legible when exposed to any sort of direct sunshine or light. The newest version of Kindle refreshes at a ten percent faster rate compared to the previous generation. The new Kindle measures 166 millimeters by 144 millimeters thus making it so far, the smallest in the Kindle family.

Its weight has been reduces to just 170 grams this means that you can carry it around all day long effortlessly. Inside the Kindle, the memory has actually been reduced to 2GB from 4GB. This is still a very large amount of space considering that you can now back up your eBooks on the Amazon cloud. According to Amazon, you can fit up top one thousand four hundred books on your Kindle.

The Amazon Kindle only uses WIFI connection. However, if you wish to get the 3G internet connection, you will need to purchase the Kindle Keyboard or Kindle touch. For most readers, the WIFI access is sufficient to access and read their books of choice.

The new Amazon Kindle runs on the 4.0 version of its operating system. Like the previous versions, you will be able to send your PDF and text documents through a direct USB-connection or to the Amazon Kindle email.

One of the highly significant features in the Kindle service is that its users can share eBooks across other technologies such as their iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Android or BlackBerry. Users can read a book and the device will remember where you had got up to even if you had used another device. For all this reasons, the Kindle is definitely a worthy purchase.

Reasons why readers love the Kindle:

The Kindle is portable;

Unlike the books on the shelves that are obtrusive and heavy, the Kindle is completely portable. If you are going on a vacation, you will probably need several books to read along the way. With the Kindle, you will have access to an unlimited number of books and if you happen to forget your Kindle at home, you can simply access your books through the free Kindle reading-app on your smartphone.

It is cheaper to read books on the Kindle;

On a daily basis, there are hundreds of free books that are available on the Kindle. Amazon allows most books to be completely free for just a few days meaning that the list is changing constantly. To help you keep up with this ever changing list, try visiting websites such as eReadergirl that selects between fifteen and twenty free books for you to choose from. Paid books on the Kindle are also way cheaper compared to the paper-published books.

Its contents are shareable;

Users can link their devices to their Amazon account. This means that one family member can purchase a book and still be able to read it on someone else’s device. This sharing is not limited to purchased books only. Prime members of Amazon can borrow one book per month directly from Amazon and return it without having to purchase it.

You get a better selection of books;

There are currently more e-books published than traditionally published paper-books. This fact is particularly true for the niche topics that may be appealing to a rather narrow audience and books related to technology since they need to remain current.


Users can download books on their Kindle in a very short time without getting up or having to wait for shipping or visit the book store. The Kindle is definitely quick gratification at its best. If you are interested in a book, you can read it in almost no time.

They offer a clutter-free reading experience;

Library bookshelves are amazing. However, over time, you will notice that they can build up a lot of clutter. With your kindle, you will be able to reduce clutter without limiting your reading, this is both time saving and less laborious.

Self- Publishing;

Since Amazon now allows the authors to self-publish, you will get to experience a new kind of books that are exactly as the author intended. You will also discover new talented authors who you would not otherwise know from traditionally published books. In most cases, you will get great bargains with such books and great content too.

With the help of the new Kindle, Amazon has been able to significantly raise the value for money for the readers. It offers a wide selection of the best books so that you will never miss out on updating your reading list.

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