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White Collar Woman200This is a guest post by Nicholas L Maze, author of “White Collar Woman 2: A Man’s Appetite“.

Nicholas hasn’t been an author for a long period of time, but that hasn’t been displayed in his body of work. He entered the world of literature with a romance/drama, titled “White Collar Woman”. This was the book that opened the door for two more books, each in its own genre. Now, Nicholas has went back to his roots. A Man’s Appetite is the second fiction book by the up and coming author. In comparison, A Man’s Appetite is Nicholas L. Maze at a higher level.

Although White Collar Woman was a good read, A Man’s Appetite is great! White Collar Woman built a story around one character, Marla Evans. With this book, there are numerous characters/lives and numerous relationships. Before you know it, you are showing concern for various people within the book, because the details and experiences are so rich. This created a new challenge, which Nicholas easily succeeded. What is left to be seen is how will Nicholas L. Maze be able to top A Man’s Appetite.




Nicholas L Maze


As soon as you come into the world, you are given the “world of literature”. An opportunity to go somewhere beyond your current circumstances. As an infant, parents read stories that place their babies in a fantasy world. The stories are so powerful that they are often used to soothe or excite a baby. As we get older, there is still that desire to go “somewhere else”. It could be after a long work week, or your imagination is simply hungry for something new, exciting, and out of the ordinary. This is one of the highlights of stories.

When it comes to the stories that we read, it isn’t just fiction stories that have that effect on our lives. You can also go to another place, when you read non-fiction. A great example could be reading the biography of a famous individual or someone that made significant contributions to the world. Being able to sit and read about that individual’s upbringing, places you in their shoes and out of your everyday life. You can actually see yourself interacting with their classmates or being a part of their household. Before you know it, you feel as if you know the people on a more personal level, and you may have never seen either of them face-to-face.

In fiction, you will have those same feelings for a person that doesn’t really exist. I’ve had readers talk to me about a character in one of my stories as if the person actually resides on this earth and they’ve met them. It’s amazing to see how powerful a story can be. It is one of the reasons that you will find avid readers to this day. Even with all of the technology and other forms of entertainment, there is still something special about reading a book.

There are also great movies or television series that can take you out your current situation and place you in a fantasy world or a world that once existed. Yet, there is still something special about books that can’t be replaced. Once of the biggest differences is how in-depth you can go with a story. Movies and television shows usually stay within a time frame. They stand out, because individuals acting out the roles are bringing the words to life. The great thing is that you can achieve this with your imagination, whenever you read a book.

In a book, the more in-depth reading brings you closer to the characters within the story. It can bring emotions that you may not have found from watching a “timed” motion picture. This is why we can always count on a book to lighten our situation; even if it is only temporarily.

So whenever there are stressful times or things in the world seem to be chaotic, you can always count on a book to place you in someone else’s shoes. You can either sit back and explore the trials of a character in a story or actually relive historic events that took place in hostile environments. In the end, it could help you grasp any dilemmas that may currently exist. And, that’s the power of a good book.

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