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Release the Novel in You200This is a guest post by Gina Conroy, author of “Release the Novel in You“.

Gina has been in love with the written word since the day she received her first diary in the second grade because it has the power to touch, stir, and reach from the depths of one soul to another. Gina’s published mystery novels include Cherry Blossom Capers Digging Up Death.

Her passion is to inspire others to write their story and she teaches novel and memoir writing to kids, teens, and adults. In addition to teaching writing classes online and at conferences, she co-hosts the Teen Writers Publish podcast on iTunes for teens of all ages.

Gina Conroy


You’re serious about writing more in 2017, but you need a little motivation and know-how to get started. What separates the wanna-be writers from the gonna-be published authors is good old-fashioned hard work and commitment. Talent is only a small part of becoming a published author. Many people can be taught to write, but not many have the passion and the drive to see it through to THE END, pun intended.

Writing is difficult even when times are good. So how does a writer get past all the obstacles to writing and just write? Here are some tips to help you write more in 2017.

Make a Commitment

Without commitment there is only an idea. Nothing will happen if you don’t commit to making it happen. And nothing will happen if you keep it to yourself. Make a commitment to write more, then write it down. Be as detailed as possible and share it with someone. The more people you tell the better so when those seeds of doubt start to sprout or procrastination rears its pesky head, you have accountability from people who are committed to your goal of writing more in 2017.

Start Now

No matter where you are in your writing journey, start writing now. Don’t make excuses like “First I need to do this before I can write.” You don’t need to wait for the perfect time to start your book because let’s be honest, there will never be a perfect time. If you wait until you have more time or until you learn everything about writing, you’ll never write anything. Now is the perfect time to write your story. Start where you are, and you will write more in 2017.

Write Anywhere 

Chances are writing is not your full time job. You’re busy. You may have a full time job or two, maybe even a house load of kids or grandkids to care for. It will be easy to find excuses not to write. However, if you look at your life, you will see that you do have time to write, especially if you adapt the attitude that you can write anywhere.

Let go of the fantasy that to write you need to be in the perfect atmosphere. Let go of the idea that you need a steaming mug of coffee or tea by your side and a picture-perfect view in the mountains or of the ocean for your muse to show up. Let go of the romance of writing and drag that muse out of bed by the hair (kicking and screaming if necessary,) and plop that muse on the couch or in a chair. Wrangle the words out of that muse in the carpool pick-up line or on your lunch break at work. Pry your muse’s eyes open in the wee hours of the morning or night and write anywhere, anytime.

If writing more in 2017 is important to you then consider waking up early or going to bed later to write. Bring your notebook or laptop with you wherever you go so you can write at lunch or when you’re waiting in the school pick up line.  Remember to write anywhere and don’t make excuses. Even a paragraph or page a day is one more than the day before.

Writing more in 2017 is an attainable goal. All you need is a commitment, a plan, and to write anywhere. And before you know it you’ll be writing more in 2017 before you know it.

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