Creating Your Own Reality

The Journey200This is a guest post by Steph Loughman, author of “The Journey“.

Steph Loughman is happily married with six children. Most of her time is spent supporting her children in multiple sports and musical activities including numerous bands, football, baseball, and Lacrosse. Spending time with her family is Steph’s favorite hobby. Other than family and writing, she also enjoys sketching, music and playing games.

Having experienced both, Steph has a passion to help women recover from the guilt and pain from abortion and miscarriage. The story of The Journey is part fiction and part Steph’s personal testimony. In the story, she tells of little Joshua and his journey to Heaven where he meets Jesus, friends and other family members including his two siblings who were miscarried. His happiness with his life in his new home is obvious; he is secure and at peace. Joshua’s mom finds her own peace when she is permitted to meet Joshua in a dream.

Steph Loughman


Imagine if you will that you are going to take an incredible journey. Perhaps a trip to someplace tropical would be exciting for you. Sitting on a beach in paradise with not a care in the world, who wouldn’t like that? Or maybe your dream is to go to Paris or some other foreign city. How about a trip to some magical world that doesn’t even exist, is that even possible? What if I told you that not only is this  all possible and but that it can also be done without even taking any money whatsoever?  Yes, you have the ability to create your own reality and it can be as magical and wonderful, or calm and peaceful as you would like for it to be and you do not even have to spend a dime to make it happen.

Writing is a wonderful way to escape our day-to-day circumstances and can create our own reality. It has been common knowledge for a long time that reading a book can take you wherever you want to go within your own mind, however I would like to go one step further and say that writing is even better. I say this because when you are writing, not only are you imagining a world that has been written about; when you are the author, you have created the world. In writing, the author is in complete control of everything in the story. The good guys and the bad, the joy and the sadness, the characters, the setting; the person holding the pen designs this entire new world and it can be anything they want it to be. How exciting!

When we were children, we called this using your imagination. We could envision whatever we wanted and make-believe that it was really there. This is not something that should have died as we grew into adults. As adults, we fill our lives with stress, work and worry. One might even say that we do not have time to pretend.  The opposite, however is true. We stress ourselves out extremely too much and need to find escapes for our own mental stability.

Sadly, this is a lesson that took many years to finally get through to me. Even as a homeschool mom I hated to read. I enjoyed writing but that required reading so I viewed it all as boring and not something that I wanted to do. I think back on that now and think of all that I missed out on wasting all those years not allowing myself to enter into this magnificent world. It was when I was in college (much later in life) that I learned how amazing it was to write.

Now that I have come to appreciate the joys of writing I cannot get enough. I love how I can escape from the busyness and chaos of everyday life and create a world of my very own.  For example, I have a special love for the ocean. I would absolutely love to spend the rest of my days sitting on a beach listening to the waves crash onto the shore while feeling the cool ocean breeze softly rush past me. However, I live in the Midwest where there is no ocean and I do not have the finances to relocate. Even though I long to smell that salty air, I can keep it alive in my imagination and create a home at a beach in my mind. I can “take” whoever I would like to be with me without spending one penny.  When life gets too hectic and chaotic, I can escape to my own world and write it however I would like for it to be. This is a beautiful escape from a crazy life. Writing is my happy place.

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