Journey into the Mind of Serial Killers

EncoreThis is a guest post by Fonda St. Paul, author of “Encore! Encore!”.

FONDA ST. PAUL grew up singing and dancing her heart out at the early age of six and right onto the Broadway stage. In her teens, she had already signed her first recording contract with Columbia Records. Her mentor and vocal coach for several years was the renowned Italian-American composer and librettist, Gian Carlo Menotti at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Fonda produced several plays in New York for the late, great, Tony nominated playwright, Louis La Russo 111. Since relocating to Los Angeles, she has produced the very successful stage readings of “Final Questions” and “It’s My Party” both with all star stellar casts.

Fonda has been writing for the greater part of her life. After being a Personal Manager in the Entertainment Industry for many years, she decided to give it up and make writing her sole profession. After fifteen years of research into the minds of Serial Killers, Fonda’s first novel, “Smile Pretty Now” was published in 2010, followed by “Forever Christmas Eve” 2012 and now “Encore! Encore! She is the creator and producer of several reality shows including, “Serial Wives: A Love Story,”  “Probation.” She was also Lead Story Producer on several other reality shows.

Fonda is the Executive Producer of BuckBunny Productions.

For more information on Ms. St. Paul, visit her website: or her Face book page.

Fonda St. Paul


I was in my apartment in New York and my dearest friend, Madeline Ford, suggested I write a romance novel, since I was reading so many, I diligently began the process. When I read the first one hundred pages, I noticed that I had killed three people, hence, the beginning of my journey with Serial Killers.

To learn more, I read “Manhunter” by Thomas Harris, also author of “Silence of the Lambs,” and all of his other books. What interested me most was the fact that this particular kind of killer had no remorse whatsoever; they just meticulously follow their ‘seven steps’ to procuring their victim and the final step of killing them. It was then, that I became fascinated with the criminal mind and researched some twenty years plus with doctors, hospitals for the criminally insane, lockdown wards, cops, wardens, wives, girlfriends and finally, the Serial Killer themselves.

Even though my books are fiction, they are based on those many years of research. I also create and produce crime related shows in my spare time. The most interesting was Serial Wives: A Love Story. Even though it didn’t have a long life, it was by far, interesting to find these wives, sit with them and find out why they married this man/killer in the first place. I was amazed at their innocence and trust long after these men were convicted and sentenced.

I was especially taken with the story about the first wife I interviewed (whose name I will not use) of Gary Leon Ridgway, the Green River Serial Killer, one of the most famous. They were married some sixteen years. In those years, he had stopped killing but was always the interest of the police. He was finally caught and convicted for over 47 killings and confined to death row. The reason he didn’t get the death penalty was because he told the FBI where all the bodies were buried.

If I get into the makings and markings of the criminal mind or criminal brain of a serial killer, or the killer, this paper could go on and on into many different directions, but if interested, people will find the study, in great detail, on the internet. It is truly fascinating.

So my journey into this genre has been and continues to be fulfilling. It has educated me about human beings and the discipline needed to actually sit and write, no matter the genre.

Since I was raised in New York, my stories are at home there. I love this magical city and all of its history. Every day I take a walk up and down those wonderful streets, especially the upper West Side where I resided. New Yorkers are colorful, sincere and down to earth people always willing to help. They can be  at times, ‘in your face.’ Those last three words are how I created my New York Detectives. I had a lot of fun with those characters, so much so, that I brought them from my first novel into “Encore! Encore!”

The end to this true story is that many, many years later, that one hundred pages became my first book, “Smile Pretty Now” and then “Forever Christmas Eve” followed by my third novel, “Encore! Encore!” which I hope you enjoy.

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