Clearwater’s Run

  1. Do all authors have to be grammar Nazis? No, we only resort to that if we don’t have a proof-reader or editor that they trust in.
  2. How important is research to you when writing a book? Depending on the genre you write in. Science Fiction, fantasy, not much. biography, history and non-fiction is imperative to make sure your facts are correct
  3. What works best for you: Typewriters, fountain pen, dictate, computer or longhand? My best way of writing is by computer I figure that if I was writing or typing on paper I would go through a least a ream of paper in the first draft and ecologist everywhere would want my head. So yes the Computer is the best for me.
  4. When did it dawn upon you that you wanted to be a writer? I had the idea during high school but never really worked on it till around 3 years ago.
  5. When did it dawn upon you that you wanted to be a writer? I had the idea during high school but never really worked on it till around till 3 years ago.
  6. How hard was it to sit down and actually start writing something? The fear that I was doing something that would force me to face my biggest fear, that of rejection. It was hard for me to crack that nut. However once cracked, the stories flowed like a river down a mountain.
  7. Writers are often associated with loner tendencies; is there any truth to that? I am sure there are quit a few authors that are outgoing and good at interacting with people. Unfortunately I am not one of them. I suppose that being resigned to a wheel chair is an excuse I could use for not going out. But in truth I do not like to go in public. I have internet, satellite TV and my DVD/Blue Ray collection to keep me busy. I mean my movie collection alone harbors a little over 2000 films.
  8. Do you set a plot or prefer going wherever an idea takes you? I have tried to build world, and design plot lines and sub plots but I find it better for me to just go with the flow. I try to get past the first chapter then I know it will turn into a book. If I can’t go past the first chapter then I shelve it till later.
  9. Have you ever experienced “Writer’s Block”? How long do they usually last? I have had some form of writers block  for sure any writer says that they never have writers block  is fooling them selves. It might only be a plot move they can’t figure out but it is still writer’s block. However I would better call it a hole in the rode that is filled with pot holes. If I don’t watch myself or start to let my mind wander I find I am not writing but playing Chess, reading Facebook or watching movies. If that happens it is hard to get back to writing but I find if I close everything down turn the Computer off, go out on my porch with a pitcher of ice tea. After the pitcher is empty I am ready to get back to work
  10. Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors? If I am not writing I sometimes go outside away from technology and with my Kindle I read to decompress. My favorite authors would be Harlan Ellison (R.I.P.), James L. Halperin, and Aiki Flinthart.
  11. Do you proofread and edit your work on your own or pay someone to do it for you? I have tried to do it myself. However when looking for errors I find myself changing the storyline, so I usually pay to get it proofed and edited.
  12. What did you want to become when you were a kid? I was wanting to be a preacher, in fact I even preached a few times. I found though that I was really not cut out for the path so went in another direction.
  13. What books have influenced your life the most? Well I have always enjoyed anything by Asimov, or Ellison, but I really wanted to have a truth machine like the one in The Truth Machine by James L. Halperin.
  14. It is often believed that almost all writers have had their hearts broken at some point in time, does that remain true for you as well? Oh at my age it would be surprised if I hadn’t had my heart broken.  I am sure that I have broken a few hearts myself.
  15. Another misconception is that all writers are independently wealthy, how true is that? Well I guess if you have written a great book that was turned into a box office movie you might be rich but the majority of us are little if anything from our writing.
  16. From all that we have been hearing and seeing in the movies, most writers are alcoholics. Your views on that? Well remember that movies and most books are fiction so I think the drinking might be a good plot mover but in reality to say most I would find it hard to relate to. Are there alcoholics that are writers of course but to just lump us all in one bunch is wrong.
  17. Is it true that authors write word-perfect first drafts? There are a few that I know work that way…and I hate them for it. Just like music writers hate Mozart. Hate is really jealous of the power they have that we don’t.
  18. Which book would you want adapted for the silver screen? The Truth Machine or the 80 A.D. series.
  19. If you were given the opportunity to form a book club with your favorite authors of all time, which legends or contemporary writers would you want to become a part of the club? Well Harlan Ellison of course, then Isaac Asimov, Lester Del Ray,  probably Rex stout, and to round it out R.A. MacAvoy.
  20. In case one or any of your books honor the big screen, which book would you like it to be? I would be happy with Travels of a Paladin but there is a lot to say about Clearwater’s Run. This is hard, it’s like asking which child you love more.
  21. Do you often project your own habits onto your characters? Not my own habits but I would be amiss to say that my characters are completely made up. If I need to round out a character I will draw from real life some habit or trait I have seen in the world.
  22. Do you blog? I’m not sure if you could call it blogging but I do have a Facebook page, that I put something on every day except Sunday. I leave that day to accumulate the fact I use during the week.


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