Forevermore Memoirs of the Grim Reaper

  1. Have you ever designed your own book cover? Yes initially I was a big part of the design process. During the second release it was a collaboration between myself and a very talented artist.
  2. Which book inspired you to begin writing?  It was actually an alchemy poster initially but I got more inspiration to write from the collective works of Edgar Allan Poe.
  3. Did you ever think you would be unable to finish your first novel?  Did you ever think you would be unable to finish your first novel? No, I was scared and nervous. Dealing with dyslexia I became very unsure but proved myself wrong.
  4. Who is the most supportive of your writing in your family? Most of my immediate family were supportive, particularly my sister. My biggest supporter and encouragement came from my wife.
  5. When you were young, did you ever see writing as a career or full-time profession? Yes and No. I saw myself doing something creative for a profession like creating movie ideas or a television show.
  6. Do you have a day job other than being a writer? And do you like it? I have a day job. I am a Wind Turbine Tech. It is an ok job but I would prefer to be in a field of creativity.
  7. Does your day job ever get in the way of your writing? It gets in the way every day. I am working on finding away to get mich more writing done.
  8. Another misconception is that all writers are independently wealthy, how true is that? Not true, this is why I have a day job until I can get other things going.
  9. Did any of your books get rejected by publishers? No I actually had 7 who wanted to take it on. Unfortunately I picked the wrong one and ended up having court ti get the rights back and released It myself.
  10. Is writing book series more challenging? It is because you have to decide how long it is going to be and don’t stretch it to far where you have boring nonsense for one of the books just to fill it out.
  11. What do you do in your free time? I write, but I am a professional paranormal investigator been doing that for over 20 years.
  12. How do you feel when people recognize you in public and appreciate your work? I feel honored that such great people are enjoying my work.
  13. What advice would you like to give writers who are struggling with their first novels? Don’t worry about grammar and what have. First get the story down, then make it flow and make it where the reader can Invision what you are seeing. Never give up on it.
  14. How did it feel when your first book got published? I felt so proud that I had done it. Especially since some told me I wouldn’t.
  15. How did you celebrate the publishing of your first book? I held my own private book signing party and we rocked the house.
  16. Have you ever written a character based on the real you in some part? Yes but it is a book still in the works.
  17. Are you working on something new at the moment? Several actually, both fiction and non fiction.
  18. Have you ever written a character with an actor in mind?  Absolutly, my first book is filled with character I saw as famous actors. The primary two characters however had no actors in mind.
  19. How often do you go on book tours? I have done a couple signings but no tours. Would love too.
  20. How hard was it to sit down and actually start writing something? It was not to hard but writing it for everyone to read was very hard.
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