Interviews with Author Lynda Rees’s hero character Justin Martin from her most recent suspense novel God Father’s Day.

Thanks for joining us today, Justin. I’ve heard you were a big-shot real estate attorney in Nashville, hob-knobbing with the elite, but recently returned home to your father’s lakeside resort. What brought that move on?

Thanks for having me, HiDee. It’s a pleasure being here. Yes, my career has certainly taken off since I met Landon Bridges, a real estate tycoon developer. Landon has taken me under his wing and opening incredible, lucrative opportunities for me.

I hear you have established more than a business relationship with Mr. Bridges. Are rumors of an up-coming wedding to his daughter true?

(Clear’s throat and gives small laugh.) Yancy Bridges and I have been seeing each other for quite some time now. She’s a fabulous woman, gorgeous and exciting. The subject of matrimony has been discussed, but I have nothing to confirm today.

Why have you taken a leave of absence and moved to your rural Kentucky home town?

My father, Richard Martin, has taken ill. His condition is critical and he’s not able to manage the resort alone. I want to spend what time is left of Dad’s life enjoying his company. I’m here to make his life as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.

How are you managing a critically ill father and his business all alone?

I’m not alone, HiDee. My father was lucky to have the best cardio nurse in Kentucky working on him when he was hospitalized. Becky Simms, his nurse in the ICU arranged for her sister, also a cardio nurse, to move to the resort to be Dad’s full-time nurse. Sadie Watkins is a delight. Dad adores Sadie her. She’s extremely competent and has brought much needed sunshine into our home.

What’s in the card for your future, Justin? Is there a love life you’re not talking about?

HiDee, that’s a complex question. I don’t believe in traditional, fairy-tale, forever-type love. Love is a figment of the imagination that nature plays on us to enable procreation and a continuation of the species. I don’t want or expect to engage in such a thing. Should I marry at some point in the future, it will be for the right reasons—position, money and power.

(HiDee gives a snide laugh.) Is that right? I understand you’ve been hurt before. Does that have anything to do with your attitude today?

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. If you mean my mother’s passing, yes. Losing Mom at a young age was devastating, both to me and Dad. Watching his agony I decided I’d never subject myself to such pain. Why bother? I’ve been an attorney long enough to realize, love never really lasts anyway.

I’m sorry you feel that way, Justin. I hope you change your mind and find true love someday. Tell me about this nurse, Becky Simms, you’re so confident in.

(His face breaks into a genuine smile, engaging tiny wrinkles beside his eyes, making an already handsome, dark face look somehow more human and vulnerable.) Becky is a fine woman, compassionate and giving to a fault. She watched over Dad like a hawk, and helped me get through some bad days with him. She’s the one who convinced me I’d need professional help to care for Dad once I got him home, and arranged for me to meet her sister Sadie. Sadie is an answer to a prayer Dad and I didn’t realize we’d sent out. Becky came to visit Sadie last weekend at the resort and brought along her son, Evan. That little scam was delightful. Dad enjoyed having them as guests, and he seemed to feel better.

We’re taking it day by day. It’s a rare thing having the opportunity to say things that have gone unsaid and to make memories to fondly recall later on.

Tell me about your story—the novel God Father’s Day, written by award-winning author, Lynda Rees.

GOD FATHER’S DAY by Lynda Rees

Justin returns to their lakefront home to care for his critically ill father, Richard. Secrets are revealed, and Richard’s sinister past threatens to destroy Justin’s perfect life. Richard’s nurse, Becky, keeps men at bay due to a brutal history and concern for her son’s safety. Justin’s despair and broken spirit penetrate Becky’s armor opening her fragile heart, but she can’t compete with his wealthy fiancé. Certain death looms in shadows of the sleepy, rural town. A vicious confrontation is eminent. Second-guessing who he is and disillusioned, Justin discovers what matters most—in perfect time to lose it.

What other books has Lynda Rees written?


Two are suspense novels about descendants of past mobsters—God Father’s Day and Madam Mom. Her debut was a historical novel about a woman’s struggle during the savage 1890’s Alaskan Gold Rush called Gold Lust Conspiracy. She also co-authored a middle-grade children’s book with her ten-year-old granddaughter, Harley Nelson, called Freckle Face & Blondie.

Where can the books be purchased and how can fans reach Lynda?

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