Consenting Adults Only

Consenting Adults Only seems a provocative title.  What’s the book about?

A young emergency medicine physician, Joshua Luvkin, gets into “some troubles” in Las Vegas.  He’s originally from the Midwest, and moved to Vegas for a change of environment, something different.  Little did he know how different.

The novel’s tag line says “A novel of medicine, mayhem and a vicious love triangle in modern-day Las Vegas.”  Can you elaborate?

I am a retired pulmonary medicine physician, so that experience informs the book throughout.  I have authentic medical scenes, the stuff an ED doctor encounters routinely, and one singular event that is not so routine.  Anyway, that’s the medicine part.  The vicious love triangle is between Dr. Luvkin, his old girlfriend Dr. Judy Berkowitz, and his new girlfriend nurse Barbara Wilson.

And the mayhem?

Pretty much throughout the book.  There’s the “singular event” portrayed in one of the chapters.  Then there are the things Dr. Berkowitz does to try to win back Dr. Luvkin.  And the ending, which of course I won’t reveal here.

So is it a thriller?  A medical mystery?  What’s the genre?

It’s “contemporary fiction.”  An ordinary-persona physician — Midwest background, never before in any trouble, book-smart but maybe not street-smart — comes under the influence of far-from-ordinary folks, the kind you might expect to find in Vegas:  A guy who runs a porn show; another who competes in ‘Biggest Loser’ contests where the bathroom is the main prop; a couple of pole dancers; and a lawyer who specializes in contracts for porn producers.

The Ex-girlfriend you mentioned, the one who does the “mayhem” things.  She’s a doctor also?

Yes.  Dr. Berkowitz is an Emergency Medicine Physician, like Dr. Luvkin; they met at  a medical convention.  But more than that she is a woman scorned, or at least she sees it that way.  And she will…not…let…go.  So Dr. Luvkin has to deal with that, while courting Barbara, who has her own bit of craziness.

Any other medical-themed novels?

To date I’ve written 21 books, including medical textbooks, non-fiction books for the general public, and several novels.  Only one other novel could be called medical-themed, about a young woman who dies scuba diving off Grand Cayman Island.  Titled The Wall:  Chronicle of a Scuba Trial, it contains both legal and medical detail but is written for a general audience.  It’s a short book, currently available only as an ebook:

When was Consenting Adults Only published, and what is your latest book?

CAO was published in 2015.  My latest book, just out this year (2018) is Visit to Sunnyville and Other Fiction.  The title story is a novella, and the book also contains 9 short stories and excerpts from 6 novels.  Its Amazon link is      

Dr. Martin, Thank you!

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