Recombinant Love

What do you think makes good writing?  A good grasp of the language.  You have to ‘think’ in stories in order to write them.  It’s not just putting words on paper, it’s feeling the story and translating it from your head to something that others would want to read.


How do you choose the names for your characters?  Many times they just come to me, but if I see or hear a ‘cool’ name or one that just clicks I will write it down for future use.  I have a list of names I have already used and ones I want to use.


What is the first piece you ever wrote?  A book I wrote when I was about 18, if I ever find it I may finish and publish it.  I was always writing stories, I remember being fascinated by Native Americans in the fourth grade and writing notes down about them all the time.  My first published piece is SHIPS and is available as a novel.  I wrote it in 2003.


When you are writing each novel. Are the experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?  A little bit of me and my life goes into almost every book.  Life experiences, no matter how small are important to make the stories sound real.


If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?  Always but you can tweak a book to death, just like you can edit it too much.  Also, if I kept tweaking them, I’d never finish them.


What is the hardest part of writing a book?  For me, it’s deciding where to end or how to end it.


What is the easiest part of writing a book?  Just simply writing the story, I can’t seem to type it fast enough sometimes.


What was your inspiration for the writing of such detail and in-depth stories that people can almost relate too in their own lifetime?  I like detail, I like feeling I am a part of the stories.  I hope that my readers like that too.  I have been criticized for providing TOO much detail but I think it’s important to a lot of the stories.  Not everyone is going to agree, not everyone is going to like what I write.  That’s okay though, I have such a wide variety of stories in my portfolio that there may be something for everyone.


Do you have any writing rituals? And can you tell us about your writing discipline.  I have to pretty much have quiet to write.  No tv, no radio…and then contrarily I get inspired by both the radio or a movie and a section of my book may come to me while I’m listening/watching…then I have to go write what came to me.


What is your greatest fear as an author?  That I would unknowingly plagiarize someone because I’m also a voracious reader.  However, I’ve read that there are seven basic stories out there and every book ever written is a deviation of said basic story so you may be telling the same story, but your version of it.  I really hate when I come across another author though who has copied not only the basic idea but the feel of a story…that’s a type of plagiarism I avoid at all costs.


Who do you have fans compare you to (other authors)?    When I first started in writing my stories I was called the Lesbian Danielle Steel, not only because of the detail that I write in, but the length of my stories.  I’ve refined since I first began writing and I firmly believe I get better with each novel or novella or short that I release.  I have also been compared to Dean Koontz whom I have never read so I can’t comment on that one.


How do you keep your different characters separate in your mind?  I write in the header of my Works in Progress, hair color, names, characteristics, something to trigger why I’m telling the story and who these characters are.  As the book gets completed I may start another document with all the characters on it so that the header isn’t so full.  These characters though are real people in my mind…even my pet characters are ‘people.’  They add to the story line in little, realistic ways.


Do you write full-time or part-time?  Pretty much full time.  But as I also own Shadoe Publishing I have to take care of my other authors and read their works, format them, make covers, promote, etc.  I love the business of it all.  I stay very busy.  I like using my knowledge and success to help others.

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