Sins of the Sisters, deadly consequences

Interview with Author Faith Keahey:

Thank you for this opportunity. Actually, I can’t remember when I didn’t love to read.  My first memory was Mama handing me “Three Little Pigs” when I was just under a year old.

I graduated to comic books soon after. Little Lulu, Tubby, and sneaking her copies of “Tales From the Crypt.”  I loved the segment with the three witches. Reading came easy, but then, it was years before televison came to our small town, let alone the entire state of Wyoming.

In sixth grade, I devoured “War and Peace”, “The Robe”, and “The Silver Chalice” before discovering Agatha Christie.  It wasn’t long before I owned every book she had written.

I wrote poems and stories starting around eight,but shared them only with my cousin, Sandy, who saved them!

i read Ivanhoe a dozen times and soon discovered “Gone With the Wind”.  It’s difficult to name a favorite but that novel is certainly at the top of the list.  I love any book where the characters come alive.  I believe that’s what culls the books, and what I struggle to accomplish with all my novels.

At fourteen I had the desire to be a writer, but not the courage. I wrote dozens of poems and actually published one.  My advice to my younger self would be for that young person to write and risk rejection. You can’t make it if you don’t try.  

Yes, of course, I read my own work.  It is my passion, not my hobby. However, I admit, I let life get in the way until my Aunt Dar convinced me to team up with her.  Together we wrote a half a dozen mysteries and helped each,other with our separate projects.  Our first was “Just Outside of Baxter.”  That one I would love to see as a movie, next to “Sins of the Sisters.”

Aunt Dar, Darline Price, helped me with “Sins of The Sisters” as well as the second book, “Secondhand Sins” but was too sick when it came to my yet unpublished, “Sacramental Sins”.  She passed in 2014.

It is difficult to co write, especially if you both have strong personalities. My aunt and I had different writing styles.  We argued every day, but quickly made up.  It was never personal.

It does seem like writers are alcoholics and commit suicide more than most.  Perhaps it takes a really depressed person to turn out books that stand the test of time.  I don’t know.  I had the abusive step-father, and did my share of enjoying a few martinis, but there’s no way I would allow either one to destroy me.  It takes more courage to live. And, it takes courage to expose yourself to the world, writing, painting, sculpting, anything that opens you to criticism from someone, especially when they have no idea what you have been through to create.

I enjoy writing mysteries, especially when I can toss in some history.  My favorite genre to read, anything historical.  I just finished the book on the spies during the Revolutionary War, which I read in two sittings.

Unfortunately, these last few years I have   struggled with health,problems from open heart surgery and even cancer.  Seriously thinking of incorporating these experiences into my next novel.

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