Sam Dooley, PI

I’m an author of primarily mysteries, although I have written in other genres.  I like to change it up between books to keep it interesting.  I’ve written from the perspective of a man twice (I’m female) and once from the perspective of a thirteen-year-old girl, set in 1973.  I found it necessary to do plenty of research to effectively write a novel set in 1973, but usually don’t do excessive amounts of research for my books.  I write off-the-cuff, but have lately begun preparing a plot outline and character descriptions for my most recent work.

My favorite author is Cormac McCarthy.  I love his style of using minimal punctuation (practically periods only) and would write like that myself if it wasn’t somewhat of a plagiarism.  If I could write any book, it would be All The Pretty Horses, by Cormac McCarthy.  All of his books are phenomenal, but that one is especially great.

I usually write every day.  Most days, I start as early as my first cup of coffee with the computer on and my fingers flying.  I’ve written one of my novels in only 24 days (of course, the editing and procedures for publishing take forever!) and I don’t think I’ve spent more than two months on the first draft of any manuscript.  I’ve written five novels so far, although I’ve only published three of them.

The writing process is private.  I do it alone.  But, the rest of the process is completed with the assistance of a couple of key people.  I have a friend who loves to edit.  She goes through my books with her red pen and finds all the things I could have done better.  I also have three general readers who critique the story and pay special attention to the details.  I also have help with typesetting and the cover artwork from an expert in the publishing field.  I couldn’t ask for better assistance!


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