Interview with Taffey Champion, author of “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”

A common misconception entwined with authors is that they are socially inept, how true is that?

Well, to be honest, I can only speak for myself and other authors which I have encountered. But, no I don’t believe that all authors are socially inept. I, myself, am a happy-go-lucky person, and can be quite gregarious when I wish to be. Yet, I am a rather private person, as well. You see, I possess a combination of introvert and extrovert personality traits.

If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?

I have only wanted to be the original author of my own book which shall be the first in an E-Book series which I am working on. I simply have had no wish to be author of anything other than my own literary work or works.

What makes this particular genre you are involved in so special?

The reason why my Action Adventure/Futuristic Fantasy genre is special is because it is highly innovative and creative. I also invented this integrated genre myself.

How important is research to you when writing a book?

Well, it all depends upon whether research is needed when writing a book. If necessary, research is critical to make or break a book because it can be its backbone.

When did it dawn upon you that you wanted to be a writer?

You see, I have always known that I possessed writing talent, but I did not start to write seriously until the year 1999. I just knew then that I had to give it a shot after having 3 dream visions concerning my work of art entitled, “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”. I felt that those dream visions were gifts from God.

What inspires you to write?

I admit that I love to make or create art. However, Keanu Reeves (the actor) was the inspiration for my literary work, my protagonist, and for the actual genre which I created. The 3 dream visions I mentioned before included him, and I just knew that I had to create the best literary work I could to honor Keanu Reeves.

How often do you write?

I write quite often. I am a blogger in addition to being an author. So, I write throughout each week of every year.

Do you have a set schedule for writing, or are you one of those who write only when they feel inspired?

I do not have a set schedule for writing. I tend to have this feeling come upon me when I want to write, and that is when I do write. And yes, I do feel inspired by an idea when I do experience such a feeling.

Writers are often associated with loner tendencies; is there any truth to that?

I do tend to be a loner, at times, but when I feel sociable, I act in this very way. So, there is truth to that statement; at least concerning myself.

Do you think writers have a normal life like others?

I have come across a few writers who live normal lives. Now, I live a somewhat unconventional life; although I also possess some traditionalist beliefs. Nonetheless, these do not counteract each other.

Do you set a plot or prefer going wherever an idea takes you?

Yes, I definitely fit within the latter category. I do tend to go wherever an idea takes me because it is more exciting and engaging that way. In addition, I find that it helps to enhance my creative process.

What, according to you, is the hardest thing about writing?

I believe that the hardest thing about writing would be having to write according to others’ expectations rather than one’s own expectations.

What would you say is the easiest aspect of writing?

I would not say that there was a very easy aspect of writing; as the writing process does possess quite a few challenges. Nevertheless, I believe the best thing about writing is when you write absolutely whatever you wish to write.

Have you ever experienced “Writer’s Block”? How long do they usually last?

I must thank God here, for I have never experienced “Writer’s Block”. I may have a few moments of whether an idea should be used or not, but that is the extent of it.

Do you proofread and edit your work on your own or pay someone to do it for you?

Up to this point, I have always proofread and edited my own work. However, I have established an association with a promotions and marketing professional whom I may pay to do so in my future work; as I am so much more busy now than I was when I first wrote “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga”.

Have you ever designed your own book cover?

Initially, I did release “The Mystery Alliance: Evian’s Saga” utilizing one of my Abstract/Impressionistic art paintings as the book cover. The book did well, but could have done much better with a more symbolic cover; as some of my readers informed me that the cover simply looked cool. That was a nice compliment, but it did not reflect the very essence of my E-Book; which I knew was a problem.

Do you believe a book cover plays an important role in the selling process?

Yes, I can say honestly with actual experience in this area. If readers do not understand the book cover, they will not be very interested in reading the book. In fact, I, myself, decided when I re-launched “The Mystery Alliance” Evian’s Saga” that I wanted a book cover with at least one attractive male figure that had a similar appearance to Keanu Reeves, my Muse.

Do you attend literary lunches or events?

Yes, I have attended a Book Club event before; which I enjoyed immensely. And I am open to attending others, as well.

Any advice you would like to give to aspiring writers?

I will say that if anyone is an aspiring writer, that he or she must be completely dedicated to becoming a published writer because it could take years before a literary work of art is polished and ready for publishing. I say this not to deter anyone, just to let any potential writer know that it is not an easy career path to follow. Also, I started in my much younger years, so that I would have a significant amount of time to get my literary work or works out in circulation.

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