About Us

Who are we?

Hello and Welcome to Serious Reading!

Our goal is to inspire people. Akin to you, we are also book lovers! With the sole aim to offer unique reading experiences, we facilitate all aspiring and avid readers alike with a book reviews collection of thousands of fiction and non-fiction books. Not only that, we also inspire people with tips and suggestions as to how inculcating healthy reading habits in their daily routines will help open new horizons of knowledge to seep into their souls.

Our mission: To recommend the best books for all types of readers, be it literature, romance, fiction, history, or self help books.

Our vision: To help you find them on one platform!

What we do?

When scrolling through the mainstream media for a good book review, we often get frustrated. Some reviews completely ruin the essence of the book by plotting the whole story termed as a “review”, while others completely miss out on the crux. Other times, the reviewers’ own opinions about the book are baffling and not helping at all to decide if the book is worth the time and effort or not.

When we began reviewing books, we made it our philosophy to embrace everything that is essential for a reader to know. When you will read our review, you will find that they all are in a particular order. They first introduce the readers to the author, and what makes their books so special and review-worthy. Secondly, it will give a brief about the plot. The continuing paragraphs will focus on the plot of the book without giving the story away. Lastly, what it has in store for the readers; meaning, what the readers will get out of the book. So our goal is to make sure all our book reviews have these three things that every reader looks for in a good review.

Why we do it?

One reason why many people miss out on great classics is because somewhere on the third page of Google, they have found a review that was too confusing and misleading. Ultimately, they decide to put down the book without even giving it a chance. Every time we hear such a story, it hurts us. So we decided this practice needed to end. And the outcome: SeriousReading.com

We knew once we turned that commitment into a reality, the real work would then begin. And it did. We had to read, come with our analysis, and review each and every book we could get our hands on. To some this may seem easy, but believe us, it isn’t. We take what we are doing quite seriously, thus the name SeriousReading. We are fully aware that every word we write, every review we post, and every tip and suggestion we share with our audience has to be perfect. Not near-perfect, but perfect.

But that’s not all. We are constantly evolving and updating something new and worthy every other day. To meet all our readers’ needs and make them feel satiated, we also bring them closer to their favorite authors by giving them a chance to learn more about them and dive in deep into their personal life. Keeping this in mind, we introduced a separate page that covers hundreds of possible questions that we asked the authors. This one initiative helps our readers to get a closer look at the lives of their idols and inspire them with valuable tips and advices. Also, it keeps them updated on the ongoing projects, upcoming work, and the activities their favorite authors are involved in.

With a professional and intellectually brilliant team of experts, we will help you guide your imaginations and moods by offering you something worthy. But that is not enough; we want you to help us succeed in our mission. Browse through our collections and let us know if we are missing out on some quality books worth reviewing.